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What We Do

When babies are born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, their needs are different and they tend to recover better with treatment that

is specific to them.  At Lily’s Place, that is what we do, striving to help the babies through the withdrawal process
as quickly and comfortably as possible.

We tailor the medication-weaning schedule to the infants and use therapeutic handling and massage to keep them comfortable. 

Babies at Lily's Place have private rooms with a quiet atmosphere and soft lighting to keep them from being overstimulated.

Nurses and patient care assistants trained to take care of these infants are on staff at all times, and doctors make rounds routinely and are available by phone at all times. Lily's Place has 24-hour security to keep our infants, parents and caregivers safe. 

Additionally, we have a counselor/social worker available to our families. 

When the situations allow it, Lily's Place encourages mothers to room-in with their babies. 

Feel free to call Lily's Place with any questions at 304-523-5459. 

What our Moms are saying

—This place has been absolutely amazing!

I had a horrible time with transportation and wasn't able to visit near as much as I wanted to, but the staff was completely understanding. They never once made me feel judged, and when I couldn't make it there I didn't have to worry because I knew they were taking amazing care of my baby girl. I am so lucky to have had my daughter in such a good environment with such an amazing staff!—

—Our time here at Lily's Place was an absolute blessing!
They made us feel so welcome and important and always went above and beyond for me and baby! 

I got to witness firsthand the selflessness, care and love that these nurses and PCAs show these babies.

You guys truly help change the lives of not only the babies but the mothers as well! Bringing my baby here to Lily's was by far the best choice I ever made. Thank you for your care and compassion!—

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